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This pool house and backyard featured on Domaine is absolutely beautiful. I love the quaint English cottage feel. It's very inviting.


I've been on a documentary kick again lately. These are a few of my recent favorites from Netflix. 


"Do we focus on building a real life that makes us happy or do we attempt to live an Instagram life and pretend it makes us happy?"

The hubs sent me this article from the New York Times and it struck a chord with me. Theodore Roosevelt was right when he said, "comparison is the thief of joy." As a lover of Instagram and blogs it is important to remember to keep things in perspective. Do what makes you happy. 

Happy hump day.

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I am digging this Portland home belonging to the owner of Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co. His family's home is filled with charming details like the amazing floor to ceiling beadboard. It is no surprise that they use their beautiful home as the backdrop for their company's catalog shoots.

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I'm admiring this beach-chic New York City apartment belonging to designer Robert McKinley. He has mixed patterns and textures so well in his lovely home. And the subtle beachy feel is spot on.