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This upstate New York home belonging to Frank Muytjens is the perfect weekend retreat. He has perfected the classic, masculine, but also modern look. It makes sense that Muytjens is head of menswear design at J.Crew - a brand known for its updated classic style. Check out the rest of his home over on TRNK-NYC.

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This beautiful antique filled home has caught my eye today. I'm especially loving the bathroom- the wood floors, claw foot tub, and marble top vanity. Such a pretty spin on a more traditional style.

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Some of my staple decor picks.

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Today I'm admiring this home belonging to stylist Janette Crawford of Sun + Dotter. Her home is filled with an amazing collection of one of a kind finds. I love the eclectic mix. Her company focuses on styling for families and her home is proof that you can have a beautiful home even after the little ones come along.

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This pool house and backyard featured on Domaine is absolutely beautiful. I love the quaint English cottage feel. It's very inviting.


I've been on a documentary kick again lately. These are a few of my recent favorites from Netflix. 


"Do we focus on building a real life that makes us happy or do we attempt to live an Instagram life and pretend it makes us happy?"

The hubs sent me this article from the New York Times and it struck a chord with me. Theodore Roosevelt was right when he said, "comparison is the thief of joy." As a lover of Instagram and blogs it is important to remember to keep things in perspective. Do what makes you happy. 

Happy hump day.