To Gingham or Not to Gingham?

Today I bought the new issue of Elle Decor (YAY!). Every month Elle Decor has a section called "trend alert" and this month's trend is gingham. Now, I am not so sure about this trend. I mean, I just can't get into gingham. I feel like it doesn't add anything to rooms and more often than not just comes off country looking (and not the good kind of country). I scoured the internet for examples of gingham in interior design. Every time I just wrinkle my nose and say , "Eh." It isn't horrible but it just doesn't tickle my fancy! What's your opinion on the gingham trend?

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Audrey :

I agree! I think it looks a little too kitschy, but I do like the duvet at the end.

Jen Poole :

Thanks for your opinion Audrey! I kind of like that duvet cover at the end too! I think it works well because it is balanced out by the overall masculine feel of the room :)

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