Bedroom Makeover Part 1

Here are my bedroom makeover pictures! Now, this is just phase 1 of the bedroom makeover...there is still lots to be done. But I thought I would go ahead and share them with you per your requests :) Please note that this bedroom is actually my childhood bedroom (which explains the pink and green motif)...yes, that means I have recently moved back in with the 'rents. I had plans to move into an apartment with a friend but it didn't work out. So, since I will be staying at the 'rents house (for now) I decided to make my space my own again. I am really pleased with it so far! So, here are the before and after photos:

So relaxing compared to my old bedroom! I will say that I was sad to see my stripes go but it was time for a change!

Here is my to do list to complete my bedroom makeover: hang pictures (that window above the bed may or may not stay), buy throw pillows, move in/arrange furniture, and accessorize. Doesn't sound like much but I know it will take me awhile to get things how I want them. Of course, I will display the final product here on Design Blossom! So, what do ya'll think?!

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Allyson :

YAY! I love it! it looks so calming. Your room looks a lot like the first photo in your last posting. Can't wait to see the final product!

Allyson :

also, what color/brand is that exactly?

Jen Poole :

So glad you like it Allyson! I love it too :) The paint is called "Secret Passage" by Olympic (available at Lowes).

Audrey :

I like it! Very cute. Although I am sad to see the green stripes that we painted go!

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