Design Book Reviews

Thanks to everyone who helped me decide which books to order awhile back (see original post here).  Well, I got my books in the mail now here's the reviews:

 I was super excited about getting this book after quickly flipping through it in Francesca's.  When I sat down to read through it I really loved many of the ideas and spaces featured in this book.  That being said, I was a little disappointed with it in the end.  The book was too much shabby chic thrifty rooms without any other styles thrown in.  I think a good space should be a nice mixture of old/new and trendy/traditional.  I think this book was mainly displaying how thrift store finds can be used to create a beautiful space which I think it accomplished.  I am glad I purchased this book because I do enjoy thrifty finds but it is not at the top of my design books list.

 This book was not at all what I thought it was going to be!  I was expecting a book filled with different pictures of trendy city homes and apartments.  This book is really about a couple's journey purchasing and renovating spaces (mainly in the city) and their errors and successes.  I found it really interesting how they bought these different properties and really transformed them.  The couple's style is really bold and modern (not really my style) but I loved hearing about their journey and seeing the beautiful spaces they created from practically nothing.  Overall, really pleased with this book!

Read any great design books lately?  Let me know...I'm always on the lookout!


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