Am I Crazy?

Or does this look like a whole lotta fun?! 

El Cosmico is a campground in Marfa, Texas where you can rent a retro style trailer, yurt, teepee, or tent and just relax and get away from it all.  Sounds amazing to me!

Retro Style Trailer $100/night
Restored interior of one of the trailers.
Yurt $60/night
Teepee $75/night
Tent $20/night per tent      

(doesn't look like much of a tent to me...but if you really 
want to rough it i guess this would be a great option)

Hammock Grove-one of the amenities provided
I would love to go here on a vacation and leave everything behind (work, phone, computer, etc.) and relax and enjoy the outdoors.  Maybe read a book in a hammock.  Mmm...sounds perfect. 

all images via el cosmico


Anonymous :

ooooo, camping! I want to go, and I want stay in one of these teepees : )

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