Back from camping! I had an amazing time. I really needed a weekend with my friends (like these ladies). The weather was beautiful and the campsite was right on the river. Just perfect. This first image is a view from our hike. The next pic of just the ladies. Wish I had gotten a pic of the whole crew....oh well.

My camping trip got me thinking about this wallpaper from Anthropologie. I know its been blogged about a bazillion times before but whatever. I think this wallpaper is too cute when used in the right way and for the right person's home. I don't know if I would use it in my home but I still admire it all the same!


By the way, if you google image search anything to do with Anthropologie all you get are stunning images. I could spend hours admiring all of them...

Happy Monday!

images 1/2/3


Mary @ RoomPolish :

awww fun, your camping trip looks like an amazing time! And how does Anthro do it? always gorgeous stuff, every time...

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