Rustic + Modern

I just can't get enough of this combo.

Back to work today after a wonderful weekend with some of my sorority sisters.  I had such a great time and I can't wait for our next get together!  Hope everyone had a great weekend too!

images 1/2/3/4


Mary @ RoomPolish :

You're so right Jen! Rustic + Modern just makes a great combo, in my book. As for my favorite image....that second one, with the 3 diff chairs pulled up around the table. Fab bookcases in back. Love it!

Allyson :

LOVE the hardwood floors in #1. Wonder if they are hard to keep clean? I always like a dark hardwood but I've heard they are hard to keep clean, esp with little friends like Louie. :)

Jen @ design blossom :

Allyson- I think you would have to sweep a lot to keep the dust bunnies (or the Louie hairs in my case) at bay. But other than that I would think they would be pretty easy to keep clean!

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