So, Friday I mentioned that I was going antique shopping in Charlotte with my wonderful friend Allyson. Well, I had the BEST TIME! Me and Allyson both had some luck out shopping.

First stop we went to Post and Grey (which is now my new favorite store BTW). They had some really cute stuff! It was a nice mix of old and new as well as expensive vs. bargain finds. Of course I stuck to the bargain finds but there were some gorgeous Madeline Weinrib rugs that I was tempted to splurge on. Anyways, I fell in love with this amazing mid-century coffee table. Even though it was a little pricey I bought it! I am SO pleased with my purchase. I can't wait to use it in my new place (whenever I find it and move that is).
the coffee table in all it's glory

a also bought this damask pillow on sale at Post and Grey
Next, we went to several antique stores in the Charlotte area. Allyson found the cutest vintage cross-stitch Christmas sign. I wish I had a picture of it to share! She also found a old framed portrait for her mom. While out we came across this amazing little rustic trunk that was too cute but neither me nor Allyson had any room for it. So, sadly we left it behind. Hopefully someone else will come across this little treasure and find a home for it!

For lunch we went to Amelie's French Bakery. The place is so cute and the food is delicious. Especially the desserts!
our delicious desserts
We ended our day at South Park Mall doing a little clothes shopping. Overall, it was a great day. It doesn't get better than a whole day of shopping and hanging out with one of your best friends!


Allyson :

YAY it was the best day! I can't wait to see your new table in your new place!

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