I kind of have a slight addiction to magazines.  Mostly shelter mags with a few others thrown in.  I currently subscribe to five magazines (the ones pictured above).   Is that too many?  Those aren't the only magazines I read either.  I tend to buy a lot at Barnes and Noble as well...then there are the online magazines like Lonny and Rue (but those don't really count, right?).  I'm starting to wonder if I have a problem.  Can you really like magazines too much though?  What do you think?

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Allyson :

you can never have too many magazines! especially when they are decorating magazines. plus those are all once a month, right??

Jen @ design blossom :

Allyson- Glad you approve the amount of magazines I subscribe to. Yes, they are all once a month. I was worried I was getting a little magazine crazy as of late :)

Mary @ RoomPolish :

oh that's definitely not too many! you love reading about those things, so why not. My favey faveys are House Beautiful and Elle Decor...and more recently, Country Living.

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