a few of my favorites

Issue two of Rue magazine came out yesterday.  I thoroughly enjoyed the second half of the magazine.  The first half was not really design related so I didn't really care for it too much.  These are some of my favorite pictures from this issue! 

Also, Do you see that rug in the last picture?  I have had this picture of that rug saved for awhile now.  I love it but have no idea who makes it!  Can anybody tell me where I can find this rug?!


Alaina @ Live Creating Yourself :

That's a West Elm rug! Discontinued now... Jill Rosenwald makes a similar version that sells at CSNrugs.com!

jen @ design blossom :

Thanks Alaina! Too bad its discontinued but thanks for the Jill Rosenwald suggestion!

Allyson :

looked at the site alaina suggested and love the grey jill rosenwald (http://www.csnrugs.com/Jill-Rosenwald-Rugs-FAL1003-JRR1048.html). it looks very similar to the one you like and i think it would look great under your coffee table! seems expensive but i dont know how much rugs go for!

jen @ design blossom :

The grey jill rosenwald rug is my favorite too!

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