Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!  I worked Christmas Eve but made it home in time to pile in the car with my family and look at the luminaries and Christmas lights (a Christmas Eve tradition in my family).  I was off Christmas and enjoyed the day with my family (and stuffed my face with ham, sweet potato casserole, and tons of candy). 

I'm off from work today and tomorrow...time for some post Christmas shopping!  I am determined to find some stuff for my new place.  I am not liking this whole transition phase and not having my home perfectly decorated.  It is like when you are growing your hair out and it is at that weird in between length that drives you crazy! 

Happy Monday!



Allyson :

youll have your place decorated perfectly before you know it! love that picture. what are those mirrors called? any special designer term?

jen @ design blossom :

thanks allyson! i made alot of progress these past two days...i bought two rugs, a door mat, and a paper towel holder for my place! btw that mirror is called a convex mirror.

can't wait to see you soon :)

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