Hello gorgeousness!!!  All of these amazing images came from the wonderful British shelter mag Living Etc.  Definitely one of my all time favorites.  I like to think of it as the British version of domino magazine.  I wish it wasn't so crazy expensive to subscribe to from the USA but it is definitely worth the trip to Barnes and Noble every month!!! 

Hope you enjoy these lovely images as much as I do.  Happy Monday :)

P.S.  I totally thought I just made up the word gorgeousness and was going to use it anyways despite it not being a word but it turns out I was wrong.  I just googled it and apparently gorgeousness is a word...a noun to be precise.  Who would have thought?  See the wiktionary definition here: 


gorgeousness (countable and uncountable; plural gorgeousnesses)

  1. The characteristic or quality of being gorgeous


Chic Coles :

Beautiful images.Really like the blue velvet sofa and the crazy legged ottoman.

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