bedroom updates

my v-day flowers :)
 I finally got around to taking pictures of the progress in my bedroom.  There is still a lot to be done but I figured I would share it anyways!  I got my prints up on the wall, found a matching lamp to my original one (at TJ Maxx), and got things set up the way I want them! 

Remember that bar cart from awhile back?  Well, there really is not a place for a bar cart in my new place but I needed another bedside table and I thought it fit the bill.  I painted the table the same blue/grey as my accent wall.  (BTW I can't believe I bought that table back in September!  I am a little slow when it comes to projects sometimes!)  I hope one day in the future (maybe in my next home) I'll be able to put it to use as a bar cart. 

I'm really happy with how things are coming along.  Some things I have left to do:  get an accent pillow for the bed, get curtains (my current ones are too short and I hate that), and find a mirror to go above my dresser.  I can't wait until the room is finished!


Allyson :

love your bedroom. how warm and inviting, but still fresh! where did you get those prints? i like the dark frames. where did you get the bedframe again?

jen @ design blossom :

Thanks Allyson! Those prints are actually from a pretty calendar I got from Anthropologie! I just bought some cheap frames and got the mats cut to fit the prints. Very inexpensive :)

My bedframe I got for $20 at a thrift store in Columbia called His House. It was originally a dark mahogany wood but I painted it white. I love it but the old stain is starting to show through! Oh well.

ajg :

Very peaceful.

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