middleton place.

The other day me and the BF went and explored Middleton Place in our beautiful little city of Charleston (I actually bought discounted tickets through a Groupon!).  I have been to Middleton Place several times before and it is MY ABSOLUTE FAVORITE place here in Charleston.  These pictures simply do not do it justice.  It is so beautiful and every time I go there I just feel so happy.  I can't wait to visit again in the Spring when it is warm out and the flowers are blooming! 

I also got to play with my fancy pants camera while enjoying Middleton Place.  Turns out I need to do a little more reading on it because I have NO clue what I am doing!  Most of the cool pictures are from my BF who was pretending to be a professional photographer (just imagine him crouching on the ground getting the right angle/lighting...) and he actually got some great shots!  I can't have him showing me up in the future so I plan to do some reading on the photography manual that came with the camera!


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