new rug

That's right!  I got a new huge jute rug from Ikea for only $39.99!!!  I know you are so jealous of my good fortune right now. 

Here is how I came to find this amazing rug/deal:  I was going through Ikea and saw this Tarnby rug in one of the display rooms and really liked it.  I had already been through the rug section and didn't see any jute loveliness.  So, I headed back to the rug section....still no jute rug!  I asked a very nice Ikea salesgirl (Talia...cute name huh?) if they had any Tarnby rugs.  She said no but she just brought a 5x8 one to the "scratch and dent" section to be priced for sale!  She told me to hurry over there and let them know Talia sent me.  Me and the BF high tailed it to the "scratch and dent" section where I asked for the rug.  They showed it to me and I said, "I'll take it!" (even before knowing the price).  Then the guy in the back told me he could give me a good deal because there was some fraying (hardly any if you ask me).  I was absolutely floored when he handed me the rug with the new price tag on it!  I walked out of Ikea grinning from ear to ear :)


LindsB :

What a great deal, I AM very jealous!

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