weekend project.



 louie loves posing for project pictures!

Much more soothing!  So, this weekend I finally got around to painting the accent wall in my apartment.  The red wall worked perfectly for my landlords but it didn't really match my taste.  Lucky for me, my landlords were okay with me painting it when I asked.  Off to Lowe's I went this weekend and picked out "adolescent" grey from Olympic paints.  It is a little more blue than I wanted (I think because of the buttery off-white color of the other walls) but I like it. 

Things are finally coming along in my little apartment.  I also made some updates in my bedroom...I'll have to post some pictures later this week.  I feel like I have made some strides in decorating my place but I still have so much more to do.  Like buy dining room chairs.  And hang pictures.  And buy a TV console.  And get curtains.  I could go on and on.  One thing at a time I guess....


Allyson :

looove it!!! much more soothing. and matches perfectly with the pillows. also looks great with the dark hardwoods!

Mary @ RoomPolish :

I LOVE it! What a pretty color! I've painted with a gray that turned out to be more of a blue---but you know what, it's such a pretty color in your apt!

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