while scouring craigslist...

 I didn't find anything I was looking for (dining room chairs and a TV console).  BOO.  But I did come across some pretty cool things I thought I would share...
 $50 chest of drawers- JI
$45 Barrel Office Chairs- S'ville
$150 antique dresser- Charleston
 $35 headboard+frame- S'ville (a STEAL!)
 $75 Large craft table- S'ville
 $175 Set of 4 West Elm Chairs- WA
$40 wood coffee table- JI (needs a coat of paint but could be cute!)

Pretty good finds huh?  If only I needed this stuff!  Charleston's craigslist isn't as great as some other areas though.  People think their stuff is worth WAY too much money.  Criagslist is a glorified yardsale...people need to adjust their pricing accordingly!  I tried to stick to the more affordable options :)

Sidenote:  there is quite an abundance of hideous puffy microfiber couches for sale here in Charleston.  You know the ones I'm talking about.   Yea...UGLY. 

Hope everyone had a great Superbowl Sunday! 


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