Take One: not so good.
Take Two: much better.

Me and the BF went to see the Avett Brothers in concert this weeekend.  It was one of THE BEST concerts I have ever been to.  They are absolutely amazing live!  AND they played my favorite song, January Wedding, which made me very happy!  I am a sucker for sappy love songs :)  

Funny story:  We bought our tickets on eBay and when they scanned our tickets at the door they rang up as a "refund" but they let us in anyways.  We didn't really give it too much thought and found our seats.  Well after the opening act (Grace Potter and the Nocturnals- also really good!!) some other couple came up with tickets for the same seats as us!  They went and got someone to sort out the situation.  Some guy working the event said our tickets weren't valid but kindly did not kick us out. Instead, he gave us permission to go watch the rest of the concert from the floor!!  Our original seats were not that great and being on the floor for the rest of the show was WAY better!!!  So, even though we lucked out (big time) in the situation- be careful when buying tickets on eBay!

Anyways, this weekend was great all around :) 

 Hope you had a wonderful Monday!


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