friday favorites.


Today, I am feeling some bright colored artwork in some funky rooms!

Last night, I went on a ghost tour with friends around downtown Charleston.  It was so much fun.  Our guide was a little eccentric but that made it even more fun.  While on the ghost tour, we saw so many beautiful buildings and alleyways around Charleston that I had never seen or noticed before.  There is always something new to discover here!  One of the many reasons I love this beautiful city I live in. 

Anywho, tonight and tomorrow night I am working the night shift.  I normally work all days but got put on nights for two nights to fill in some shortages.   I plan on getting LOTS of coffee before my shift later!  Hopefully I won't get too sleepy!

Happy Friday!



ajg-jane :

I love this interior, it's so fresh. I adore the kitchen!

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