a new experience.

A couple months ago, the master bathroom at my Dad's house flooded.  Due to the water damage, the bathroom now needs refinishing.  My Dad (not having a clue about design) asked me to help him pick out the materials for the project.  Today, we went to the bath and tile store and made all the selections.  I had the BEST time choosing all the little details.  My dad pretty much let me have free reign.  I chose the tile, grout color, flooring, etc.  It was exhilarating being able to create an entirely new look for the bathroom.  It definitely opened my eyes to the endless possibilities that are available as a homeowner. 

One day I would love to buy an older home and renovate it.  Maybe do some real DIY projects like paint the kitchen cabinets, hang up wallpaper, put down new flooring, and maybe even some landscaping.

I guess I better start saving my pennies....


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