flowers + louie.

Picked up some flowers at the supermarket today.  I think they are pretty lovely.  Apparently Louie thinks so too.  He tried to make it in every photo with these flowers.  Silly cat.


Anonymous :

what kind of flowers are those?? they are BEAUTIFUL. those are really great pictures too, very professional.


Audrey :

Louie is so photogenic!

Sara C. :

OMG!! i have the same cat! They look so similar. Mine is Socks
Lovely flowers
have a nice day
Sara C.

jen @ design blossom :

Allyson- Not sure what kind of flowers they are but they smell SO good!

Audrey- Yes, Louie was destined to be behind the lens :)

Sara- Too funny that you have a twin cat! I even considered naming him Socks!

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