vintage finds.

As I have recently posted, I have been working to make my bookshelves look "decorated."  I recently added two new vintage finds to my bookshelves. While I was in Charlotte a couple weekends ago, I got to spend some time with my lovely friend Allyson.  Since we both love antique/thrift shopping, we went to the Sleepy Poet Antique Mall.  We shopped for a long time (the place is HUGE!) and both came out with a few items.  I bought a porcelain glove mold and an antler.  I have added both items to my bookshelves and I love them. I feel like I am so close now to having these shelves properly "decorated." 

Happy Monday!


Things That Sparkle :

Love how you have color coordination just on the top shelf. Not too overwhelming, the perfect touch!

Anonymous :

LOVE the additions!


rooth :

I like how you've arranged your bookshelves and painted the back - it looks so soothing

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