a bad day.

I wish I had all sorts of fun things to tell you about my weekend.  Sadly, I don't.  Just a funny story.

On Friday morning, I went to work as usual.  I ended up with a really mean patient who made my morning terrible.  Around 10 am, someone came by to talk to our nurses and brought some lovely cupcakes.  In order to improve my mood, I decided to go ahead and eat my cupcake.  Well by noon, I was not feeling so hot.  I was feeling a bit sick to my stomach but decided it must just be too much sugar too early in the morning.  So, I tried to keep on working.  I hung in there for a few more hours but ended up tossing my cookies in front of my co-workers in the break room then crying over it.  Not cool.

I decided to call a taxi to come pick me up since it would be quicker than waiting for someone to come pick me up.  The taxi came and I told the driver where I was going and that I was leaving work early because I did not feel well.   Well, this taxi driver decided to make small talk the entire ride home.  "What do you do at the hospital?"  "How long have you worked there?"  "Do you like being a nurse?"  Seriously?!?!  I was polite and answered all of his questions but I really wanted to tell him to please just leave me the heck alone!

Then, I get to my apartment where I realize that I had given my apartment key to the BF who was in town for business.  I was locked out of my apartment.  I just broke down crying on my front door step.  I called the BF crying hysterically over the whole thing.  He told me he would leave work right then and be there ASAP.  I then proceeded to curl up on my doorstep and cry some more.  At this point it is 5pm and all of my neighbors start coming home.  I felt compelled to tell the people walking by me why I was crying on my doorstep.  One girl offered me her cell phone which was nice (even though I had my own).  Mainly people either averted their eyes or just looked at me like I was crazy.  I probably was looking a little crazy.

Finally, the BF arrived to save the day and tucked me in bed. So, I spent the rest of the weekend getting over my bout of food poisoning.  Lots of crackers, ginger ale, soup, and rest.

Needless to say, Friday was a bad day for me.  It was pretty funny looking back on it though.  I hope you get a laugh from my series of unfortunate events.

Happy Monday!



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