a few things.

A few things I'm loving lately:  my new-to-me vintage Coach purse from Etsy shop lexismonkey, lightweight striped scarf from Urban Outfitters, silly photo booth pictures with the BF, and the Hunger Games trilogy by Suzanne Collins (I'm obsessed).


Allyson :

LOVE this picture! so artsy. I love those books too! they are filming the movies in NC. I HAVE TO HAVE THAT PURSE. I love it!!! and love the photo booth pictures!

too many loves?? never.

jen @ design blossom :

Glad you like the pic Allyson! I am in the middle of the last Hunger Games book...they are SO good! I can't wait to see what happens in the end. You should get a purse. There are LOTS of vintage Coach purses to choose from on Etsy and they are pretty inexpensive too!

Miss you much!

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