my weekend.

One of my best friends, Amy, came into town this weekend.  We spent our Sunday on the beach at Sullivan's Island enjoying the perfect weather.  It was seriously one of the most beautiful skies, cool breeze, and the water was the perfect temperature.  While laying out in the sun reading, there was this little seagull who decided to hang out with us (literally he just scurried around our spot on the beach all day).  I managed to snap a picture of the little guy.

We spent a lot of time eating at some fun restaurants around Charleston:  Sunday brunch at Triangle, margaritas and dinner at Taco Boy downtown, fro-yo at FreshBerry, and breakfast at the Lost Dog cafe on Folly (it was my first visit to the Lost Dog and it was delicious!).

Other than stuffing our faces all weekend, we explored Charleston and caught up on life.  Last night, we stayed up late just chatting in our pajamas before bed.   It felt like we were back in our old dorm room at Clemson!  Definitely a great weekend.

Happy Monday!


Adrienne :

We were in Folly for a long weekend in May, and hit up Taco Boy and the Lost Dog Cafe as well. Yum! Sounds like a fun weekend.

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