road trip.

Today, I am going on a road trip to Pittsburgh with the BF.  The high for tomorrow in Pittsburgh is 44 degrees!  Eek!  Let's hope I can stay warm :)

Here is some link love for you to enjoy.  Hope you have a lovely weekend!

1.  I have been struggling to "decorate" my bookshelves for awhile now.  I found these tips on creating pretty vignettes really helpful!
2.  I was blown away by this wallpaper created using stickers.  Very cool.
3.  Loving this artwork by Caroline Wright.  Especially the drip and the line series.
4.  Wishing my hair was long enough to try out these pretty hairstyles.
5.  Really enjoying all of the fall inspired posts here and here.



Anonymous :

44? Ugh. That wallpaper is too much fun!

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