thoughts on fall shopping.

emma roberts

emma roberts by japoole 

I cleaned out my closet yesterday.  I ended up giving two bags full of clothing that I only wore once or twice to Goodwill.  It got me thinking about my style and my plans for fall shopping.  I have mentioned before that I have been trying to figure out my style.  Since I started my tumblr, I have given more thought on clothing than I ever have before.  I have decided to take a closer look at outfits I really like and break them down into individual pieces.  My hope is to create a fall/winter wardrobe with pieces I won't end up giving to Goodwill next year.  

I really like this outfit on Emma Roberts.  I'm not sure I would wear the exact same outfit but I am drawn to pieces of it.  I love skinny jeans, striped tops, scarves, and I'm thinking I would like to add a leather jacket to my wardrobe. Maybe.  We'll see.


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