Lots of good times going on in my life lately.

1.  Louie hanging out in his teepee.  My Christmas gift to the little furball!  
2.  Madewell boots I got on sale in the store.  They were a little out of my comfort zone but I really like them so far!
3-4.  Some pictures from my friend Lauren's wedding.  These ladies are some of my closest friends in the entire world.  This year will be our 10 year anniversary as friends.  Is it weird that we are keeping track and planning an anniversary dinner to celebrate?
5-6.  Date night with the BF at Cowfish in Charlotte.  Their sushi is amazing.  Well worth the long wait for a table!

Happy Thursday!


Audrey :

Love the boots and the adorable pics from Lauren's wedding :). Please put up outfit pics! I want to see how you styled them...

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