i like resolutions.

It is a new year.  Time to start fresh again.  I have been thinking about the things I would like to accomplish in the coming year.  It has been though for me to think about what I want to do this year because my life is in a bit of a transition at the moment.  After much thought, I came up with a few things.

2012 New Year's Resolutions:

1.  Stay healthy.  I know this is on everybody's resolutions list but I really believe in living a healthy lifestyle.  I want to exercise regularly, eat healthy foods, ride my bike more, take my multi-vitamin daily, always wear sunscreen, and get a good night's sleep more often.

2.  Save money.  This has always been a goal for me since starting my career in nursing.  I have done well in previous years but I never really had a direction regarding what I wanted to save for.  I recently decided that I am pinching my pennies to buy a house one day.  It will probably be a few years before my time comes to buy my first home but I want to be ready.  

3.  Work on my personal style.  Fashion has always been a tough thing for me to feel confident with.  This past year, I have become more interested in fashion through blogs and magazines.  This year, I want to build up my closet with pieces I love and become more confident in my fashion choices.

4.  Create a new look for my blog.  I have been blogging for a year and a half now and I feel like this blog has come a long way.  This little blog has changed a lot as I have become interested in different things over time.  Blogging is by far my favorite hobby and I think it would be money well spent to give the blog a little renovation.

5.  Open a vintage goods shop.  Whether on Etsy or a booth at an antique mall.  I love vintage accessories for the home and would be thrilled to hand pick unique items to sell at a reasonable price point.



Anonymous :

Well if you want some fashion tips with clothing and creating your own style my friends blog might help http://trashtocouture.blogspot.com/ It also might give you more ideas and if you sew lots of things. Also, if you don't sew you could start:) I hope you enjoy!

jen poole :

Anonymous- Thanks so much for recommending the blog! I really enjoyed it!

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