soft coffee.

I have finally gotten through unpacking and organizing our little home.  Shew!  The decorating process is now underway!  I have made some significant progress decorating in the common areas but our bedrooms still need a lot of work.  

I now have a long wish list of things to finish our home.  Since buying everything at once doesn't really fit into the budget, I am trying to decide which item I would like to invest in first.  I am thinking new bedding for our bedroom because it is the room that needs the most improving at the moment.  

I would love this John Robshaw duvet but I am hunting for a more budget-friendly option.  The color of the duvet is described as a "soft coffee" (don't you love that?) which inspired the color palette for this post.  

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Allyson :

Love the bedding! Looks good for a joint room but still with your style!

jen poole :

Thanks Allyson! That is exactly what I was thinking :)

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