1.  Newly planted flower boxes.  I love seeing these pretty flowers as I drive up to our house.
2.  Louie is so silly.  He will sleep anywhere- like on our coffee table, on top of a pile of books.
3.  Another DIY project- our new tripod lamp.  The BF and I really love this style of lamp but not how expensive they cost in stores.  So, the BF decided to make one for us!  It turned out great.
4.  A beautiful day at Freedom Park.  My favorite spot to hang out and enjoy the outdoors here in Charlotte.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Deb :

Pretty....pretty....pretty! love the lamp, great job BF!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious :

Wow, that lamp is amazing! You should totally post the tutorial! :-)

Katie Hackworth :

That lamp is fantastic!! Who is this BF? ;-)

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