weekend project: gallery wall.

This past weekend, BF and I finally tackled our gallery wall project.  Here is the whole process, from beginning to end, via instagram:

1. The "before" photo- floating shelves left from the previous tenant. Not really my taste.
2.  Our template (made of sheets of paper taped together) measuring the area of wall we wanted to cover.
3.  The layout- we played around with our artwork on the template until we found the perfect arrangement.
4.  Next, we traced the frames onto the template and then measured and marked where each nail should go.
5.  The template was then hung on the wall and we hammered our nails in the spots we had marked on the template.
6.  The "after" photo- our new gallery wall.  I love it so much.

Hope you all had a great weekend.  Happy Monday.


Allyson :

Love!!! I love my gallery wall too, I think y'all will be really happy with yours!

Tori :

Love your gallery wall!

jen poole :

Thanks guys!!! :)

size too small :

i'm so impressed- i've done this before but i always just wing it and hope it turns out ok.

Maria @ All Things Luxurious :

How pretty! I love the mix of the different frames. You did a beautiful job. :-)

Katie Hackworth :

Perfectly done! Love the little horseshoe thrown into the mix!

Victory Paper Designs :

nicely done! and that horseshoe added in there is just so charming!

Deb :

Love your gallery wall! House into a home with all your creative touches.....home sweet home. I hope you are enjoying life in Charlotte!

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