bedroom mix.

The one room in our house that has made the least progress so far is our bedroom.  I have had my mind set on block printed bedding but I had a hard time finding some that did not cost several hundred dollars.  Finally, I found this block printed duvet on clearance for just $30 from West Elm!  I am so excited for it to arrive.  I came up with this little mix of items that I am thinking of purchasing for our bedroom as well.

Happy Thursday!


Michelle :

Thank you for featuring my pillow! Looks amazing in the room :)

Ioana-Carmen :

Enjoy, and feel free to visit me. I hope you will consider of following each other! What do you think?


Maria @ All Things Luxurious :

We have that same duvet and we LOVE IT. We bought it back in December and it only gets more cozy with age. ;-) Very easy to take care of, and lightweight, yet warm! Enjoy!

Victory Paper Designs :

our bedroom keeps getting put on the backburner too, maybe because guests don't spend any time in there so we've kind of been neglecting it ourselves. love these mix of patterns!!

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