A perfect weekend with my friends in Savannah.  Some QT with these ladies was long overdue.


Anonymous :

Love your picture grid! How do you get three rows of three? Is there a good app for it?

jen poole :

Hi Ashely! I just resize the pictures to "small" in blogger and they fit three to a row! No app required.

Hope that helps you!

Thirsty World Designs :

I love this lately post. So many bright colors! I adore your blog! I'm grew up in Charlotte but i went to school and now live in Greensboro! It's really hard to find NC bloggers! I couldn't find how to follow you on blogger or gfc, but I'm your newest bloglovin follower!


jen poole :

Thanks so much Hannah! And you're right there aren't many NC bloggers! Glad you stopped by :)

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