1st row:  recycled a Rifle Paper Co. calendar print as artwork for our bathroom, a pretty mess of things by my bedside table, sweater weather- finally!

2nd row:  date night with the BF complete with s'mores, wine, and a cozy fire, chatham county line concert at the neighborhood theatre, so proud of my pumpkin this year (i got the idea on tumblr)

3rd row:  this week's flowers- so perfect for fall, out for brunch at a lovely spot in black mountain, pretty views in the mountains of asheville during our overnight camping trip

Happy Halloween!


Le living and co. :

I love the flowers on the white pumpkin!

Allyson :

Love your fall collection! Hope to see you soon!

Anonymous :

How did you make this grid? Love your images!

jen poole :

Thanks guys! Ashely- I made the grid in blogger by customizing the size in html format.

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