three things.

This week's three things is all about beauty. I've found a few new products lately that I really like. 

First up is CeraVe Moisturizing Cream. This comes in a pretty large size tub and I thought that I would never use that much moisturizer. Boy was I wrong. I love this stuff. It takes care of my really dry skin but does not leave a sticky layer. It dries quickly as well. I use it everywhere- face, arms, legs, etc.

The John Frieda Hot Air Brush has changed my hair life. Now I actually "style" my hair in the mornings instead of lazily putting it up in a bun. Lately my hair has been really frizzy and unmanageable. I read about these hot air stylers and decided to give it a try. It pretty much takes the coordination aspect out of blow drying your hair smooth with a brush and dryer. Perfect for inept hair stylists like myself. There are plenty of different brands that sell this same type product and I'm sure they are just as good as my John Frieda one.

Last but not least, Tom's Natural Deodorant. After a nasty bout of sores on my underarms and a couple of failed attempts at antibiotics to treat it, I turned to a natural deodorant. Tom's is the first and only one I tried since making the switch but I really like it. And my underarm sores are gone. Hooray! I'm sure during the summertime I'll have to add an antiperspirant component but during the winter I haven't had an issue. Here's an interesting post on natural deodorants over on Fieldguided


Ashely Schneider :

Love CeraVe! I'm a huge fan of beauty products that can be found at a grocery or drug store.

jen poole :

I'm definitely a grocery/drug store beauty shopper too Ashely! Its just so darn convenient! :)

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