July thoughts and goals:

Eating / Cleaner (i.e. more fruits/vegetables & less processed foods/sugars).
Drinking / Plenty of H2O. I'm terrible at this when I'm working.
Practicing / Kindness and selflessness.
Mastering / The art of oncology nursing.
Learning / To grow a vegetable garden.
Trying / To buy less unnecessary stuff. I already have what I need.
Playing / NPR on the radio. 
Finishing / The final touches on our home. Painting our bathroom is next on my list.
Reading / Game of Thrones & Call the Midwife series.
Remembering / "Change your thoughts, and you can change your world." -N.V. Peale
Wearing / A simplified wardrobe.
Cooking / On the grill. Clean up is so easy when grilling.
Working / At my new job and getting used to the routine. 
Traveling / To nearby cities. I'm thinking a day trip to Savannah, GA would be nice.
Wanting / Less. Because less is more, right?

List by Bleubird. Image via A Note on Design.


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