Red Bird Plate $5 (also available in blue, yellow, and green)

I am a huge fan of the home section at Anthropologie. Especially their endless supply of super cute kitchen knick knacks! So, yesterday I was perusing the local Pier1 store and I was delighted to find several kitchen accessories that screamed, "Anthropologie!" Check out these other great Anthropologie-esque finds from Pier1!

Floral Measuring Cups- Set of 4 $12

Magnetic Kitchen Timer $8

Red Flower Ceramic Bowl $6

Pom Pom Birds Table Runner $34.95Mini Round Bowls- Assorted Colors $3


Allyson :

You know that I am obsessed with Anthropologie housewares too! These are such cute pieces that you have found. They all look exactly like things I have seen (and purchased)at Anthropologie but at much lower prices! Especially love the measuring cups. Reminds me of a cuter version of the ones we had at our apt from Anthro! ha. Love the look of your blog. Let us know if you buy of the things you post!

Lauren :

Cute stuff Jen! I am recruiting you to decorate my home one day!

Jen Poole :

Thanks for the support guys!

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