Going Mod

So, this morning before leaving work I was chatting with my co-worker Shirley. She is really into mid-century modern home decor/design. She and her husband are super thrift store shoppers in the Columbia area. Pretty much all of their mid-century modern home is filled with things found from local thrift stores!

Anyways, that's besides the point....the point is Shirley was telling me about this fabulous modern home tour she went to in Atlanta over the weekend. The whole thing intrigued me so I googled it. I must say I am very impressed! Check out these photos from Modern Atlanta.

Liotta Residence; Architect, Dencity; Designer, Habachy Designs- 2010 Modern Atlanta Home Tour


Bencich Residence; Architect/Designer, John Bencich/Vivian Bencich, Square Feet Studio- 2010 Modern Atlanta Home Tour

Villa Futura; Ralph Skalleburg, Designer; Gil Montoya, Architect- 2010 Modern Atlanta Home Tour
images via Modern Atlanta Home Tour page

I am definitely looking into attending some of the other events offered by Modern Atlanta as well as other home/garden tours around the Southeast. Anyone want to join???


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