Everywhere I look I see...


For real though! I feel like every interior design magazine or website I look at these days has a garden stool in one of the featured rooms. I'm not complaining...I LOVE it! I am definitely digging this trend and want a pretty garden stool too! I saw some lovely ones at Ross for just $39.99 (a steal, right?!) but the colors (one was an olive green and the other was a muted navy) wouldn't go with my decor. Sad day. Oh well, the hunt for the perfect garden stool on a budget continues...

Here are some inspiring rooms with garden stools!

They even look cute in the bathroom...confirmation that they're perfect in any room!

images 1,2,4 via decorpad, image 3 apartmenttherapy, image 5 la dolce vita


Allyson :

I never realized that those were "garden stools." I defintely like the look of them. Really match with many decors!

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