Today We're Going Kitty Crazy...

Why?!?! Cause kitties make people happy.

Cute Kittens!

Thankfully some of our favorite retailers realize the need for all things kitty...


Urban Outfitters

And of course no kitty post would be complete without my cat Louie...He's always so happy to see me...
image by my friend Allyson :)

Your day has just improved by tenfold, right? You're welcome.

The inspiration behind today's post:
6:59 PM Audrey: hi love
7:00 PM me: hi there
how was your day?
7:01 PM Audrey: bad
stuipd stuff going wrong at work
me: boo! what happened?
7:02 PM Audrey: machine broke
lot of time I spent on some stuff wasted
and now trying to fix it
7:03 PM me: aww i'm sorry:(
would a kitty video cheer you up?
Audrey: always does!
7:04 PM me: i know how to make my audrey happy
7:05 PM Audrey: you do :)
I feel much better now
me: yay for kittens!

***Note: This is a real conversation between me and my lovely friend Audrey from earlier today.


Allyson :

though cats are not my fav, there are a few exceptions.
1. kittens and their baby faces
2. anything louie.

i had forgotten about that lovely picture! ha.

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