Bedroom Makeover Updates

 Here are the updates to my bedroom makeover...lots of projects...none are really completed but its a work in progress!

Here are the pillows I ordered from ModDiva!  I LOVE them but I don't think they are right for my bedroom makeover.  Since I do love them so much I am keeping them to use elsewhere.

A little DIY project I did recently.  I had this tray that I bought in Gatlinberg, TN, on a trip.  I really liked it before but it didn't really go with my decor. One can of white spray paint took care of that...
After- Perfect!   
I added some furniture to my space (stuff I had previously) like my bedside table...

and this chest of drawers...I am on the hunt for the perfect mirror to go above it!

 And I'm working on a gallery wall for the are some quote cards that I framed (frames $5 each on sale at Sears Grand).  I have some other things I want to frame but haven't gotten around to them yet.  So, when I get several pieces framed I'll hang them up on the wall.

 My next art project will go over my bed (where the window frame is currently).  I am going to frame two of these calendar prints (calendar bought for $4.95 on sale at Anthro!!!) in the frame shown here.   The only thing left to do is to get the mats custom cut for the prints then I'll have them up in a jiffy!  Louie is overseeing this project (as you can see)...he really enjoys projects involving birds.

That's all for now! 


Mary @ RoomPolish :

the calendar is going to look so amazing in your art wall! Love it. And I love how your bedside table looks are coming along! Great job on the tray diy, looking fabulous!

Allyson :

love what you've done with the place :) glad you found a use for the wonderful box we found in TN. i love those pillows...why dont you think they work?

Jen @ design blossom :

I just don't think the pillows are perfect for the bedroom makeover...who knows...I may change my mind!

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