over the weekend...

 My new rug found a new home.


Much better in my opinion!  I originally had the new rug in the dining room but it was a little too large for the space.  So, I moved it into the living room and it works so much better than the little rug that was in there.

I think I am going to use the old rug as an outdoor rug out on my porch in the future.  Right now my porch is condemned (the builder didn't build it to code) but it should be fixed soon...I hope.  It would be nice to use on days like we had this past weekend (75 degrees and sunny!).

This weekend I also bought this chiang mai dragon pillow from WillaSkye on Etsy after much thought (and after my BF telling me to quit debating and just buy the darn thing).  It is going on my bed and I can't wait for it to get here!!!

Hope everyone had a great weekend!


Joi :

Ooh, I think this is a great improvement! That rug really anchors the whole space.

And, I have loved those pillows you have on your couch! They're from World Market, right?

Blue is so fun to me right now! : )

jen @ design blossom :

Glad you like the rug Joi!

My pillows are actually from Mod Diva: http://www.moddiva.com/throw-pillows/pressed-flowers-teal-blue-floral-toss-pillow.html

Thanks for stopping by :)

Allyson :

LOVE that pillow!!

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