little updates.

Over the past week, I have made some small changes to my apartment.  I decided to run around and take pictures of these little updates to share!  Here are the details:

1.  I rearranged my bookshelves above my built-in desk (sorry for the glare in the photography skills still need some work!).  I also added that glass jar to the mix (which you can't see very well in the picture but it is really cute).  I bought it at Slate Interiors on a recent trip to Charlotte. 

2.  I was getting tired of always digging around for a pen/pencil.  So, I decided I needed a little pencil holder.  I just used a little jar that I had lying around and lined it with some leftover green scrapbook paper.  And I have a pencil holder.

3.  I rearranged the tray on my side table in the living room.

4.  My mini gallery wall.  After 3 months here, I finally managed to get some pictures hung up!

5.  A new mirror that I got on sale at GDC home

6.  I added a pink ikat bowl from Anthropologie to my nightstand.  I originally really wanted the blue one but all they had left were pink.  Now I am really happy with the pink.  I realized I didn't have pink anywhere in my place!  A little pink was much needed!

7.  I scored some white chevron towels from a World Market that was going out of business (I know...I gasped too when I saw that the store was closing...but I guess it was just a bad location???  Thank goodness they all aren't closing!). 

8.  Some pretty fresh flowers that I picked up on my grocery run this week.  I love having fresh flowers around. 

So, there you have it!  My little updates.  Happy Monday!!


things that sparkle :

Love all of your updates, it looks gorgeous!!

Joi :

I love all of your finds! My favorite is that little mirror in the hallway! We have a similar, larger one like that in our guest bedroom!

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