1.  Christmas wrapping doesn't get done very quickly with Louie around.
2.  Louie being stinkin' cute.
3.  An outfit post for Audrey- how I styled my new Madewell boots - with an Anthropologie lace top + skinny ankle pants.
4.  The BF got me a new basket for my bike for Christmas (we exchanged presents early)!
5.  Beautiful blue skies while on the road the other day.  I probably shouldn't be taking iPhone pictures while driving but I just couldn't help myself!
6.  Flowers of the week: white jumbo mums in my favorite antique glass beaker.


Erica Jackson Curran :

I love your cat! (Is that creepy to say??)

jen @ design blossom :

Not creepy! Louie is quite loveable :)

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