It is official.  I now live in Charlotte, NC!  Moving day was a little bit rough.  It was cold and rainy the entire day which put a damper on our move (pun intended).  We finally got everything moved in though.  I am now in the process of unpacking the many boxes and finding a home for everything.

As I have been unpacking, I have been thinking a lot about how I want to decorate our home. I have decided I would like a neutral color palette with some pattern thrown in to keep things interesting.  These rooms have just the right mix of both.

Happy Fat Tuesday!

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Tori :

The worst part is over and the fun of decorating will soon begin : )

I love your photo roundup! By the looks of your inspiration I'm sure your new home will be beautiful!

Christel @ Captivated by image :

Congratulations with your new home. These inspirational images make a good example for a clean style with a bit of detail. The rugs look great and somehow I've thing for the two chairs on the top right image... Good luck unpacking and creating a new 'home'.

Carla :

Just discovered your blog - love it!

Maria @ All Things Luxurious :

Love your inspiration pictures! Post photos of your home when you get it all situated! Would love to see! :-)

jen poole :

Thanks for the kind words everyone! I am so glad the move is over and I am settled in now. I will be sure to share pictures of our home when everything is a bit more put together :)

Victory Paper Designs :

we're about to move too {frown} but we get to redecorate {smile!} Great inspirations!

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