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feb. 14-hearts / v-day flowers / feb. 13-blue / feb. 11-makes you happy / lou boo / packed up


lapajaraverde :

Just to say HI!

I found this blog by a coincidence and now I´m loving it!

You have a very good femenin taste - you´re being an inspiration for a girl, who never thought that decoration,fashion and cosy way to live could be interesting for her. (my self!)

I´m about starting blogging too, in spanish by now, but I hope to have the time to write in english..and being optimistic in danish! - big challenge!!

I will write about enviroment, health, creativity, music, and a bit of this and that...

I would like to recomend your blog, if I may!

By the way, my url: - comming soon :)

Keep blogging, you inspire me! - and probably you do to other people too!

I wish a good day,


jen poole :

Thanks so much Maru! Good luck with the blog- I'll be sure to keep checking in for your first post :)

Lemanie :

Aww I love that Valentine's day card! Cute! =)

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