This Valentine's day is particularly special for me.  After a year of long distance dating- the BF in Charlotte, NC and me in Charleston, SC- we have decided that it is time for us to be in the same location again.  So, this Sunday I'll be packing up my things here in Charleston and moving to Charlotte!  Although I will miss life here in this beautiful city- I am so excited to start a new life in Charlotte with my best friend.

Happy Valentine's Day.

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Allyson :

Yay!!!! Love

Tori :

Both cities are lovely! Happy moving!

jen poole :

Thanks Tori! Both cities really are great :)

Maria @ All Things Luxurious :

Happy Valentine's Day! Glad for you!

jeanine :

I don't think I've been to either city yet but I hear they are nice. I hope your move goes well. :)

kat @ dot dot dash :

Adorable images!
Hope you had a fabulous day x kat

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