Another lovely weekend in the books.

1.  On our road trip to Raleigh- the BF thinks it is funny I drive with both hands on the wheel.
2.  After sneaking down to some better seats (shh! don't tell!), we enjoyed the Hurricanes game that went into overtime.
3. My latest thrift store find- this little vintage clock that is still fully functional!
4.  Oh, Louie.
5.  A view of our little shed in the backyard.
6.  I finally have some striped bedding (original post here)!  New striped pillow cases and coverlet from West Elm.

Happy Monday!


Tori :

Lol! Both hands on the steering wheel? You made me chuckle.
Love you pictures! Great thrift store find!

Katie Hackworth :

I have those striped sheets too! Not to mention, I just purchased a couple Chiang Mai Dragon Pillows for a client (I think that is your accent pillow, right?. Very fun!

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