Feeling a bit under the weather today. Darn allergies. The doc thinks it could be my dear Louie wreaking havoc on my allergies even though I've had him for years. Fingers-crossed it is just seasonal so I don't have to banish Lou from our bedroom.

Here are a few things brightening my day...

This charming patio with beautiful climbing ivy.

This amazing living room. How great is that rug? And that couch too!

This braised cabbage recipe.  I am going to try this out tonight.
Happy Monday.


jeanine :

I love the colors in the living room photo! Most of the people in my family are allergic to cats. They all have air filters for their rooms, and it helps a lot. It would probably help with pollen as well.

Good luck!

jen poole :

Hey Jeanine! I'll have to give the air filter a try. Thanks for the tip!

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